Building, Applying and Evolving Knowledge Graphs in Organizations – Dimensions, Methods and Challenges

Talk @ Data Innovation Summit 2018

March 22nd, 2018, Kistamässan, Stockholm, Sweden

What is this about

A few years after Google announced that their knowledge graph allowed searching for things, not strings, knowledge graphs have been gaining momentum in the world’s leading organisations as a means to integrate, share and exploit data and knowledge that they need in order to stay competitive. In this talk, I discuss both the technical and business/organizational dimensions and challenges of Knowledge Graph initiatives, and share relevant best practices and lessons, derived from building our own knowledge graph about the Labour Market domain.

Questions covered

  • What is a Knowledge Graph and in what ways can it be used in an organizational setting?
  • What are the main dimensions and tasks that both Information Architects and Business Executives need to consider when launching a Knowledge Graph Initiative?
  • What are some key challenges related to Knowledge Graph development, exploitation and evolution, and how can they be addressed?

How can you attend

To attend the talk you need to register at the Data Innovation Summit website.

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