Search Engines and Knowledge Graphs: It’s complicated!

Talk @ Search Engines Amsterdam Meetup

february 23rd, 2018, amsterdam, THE NETHERLANDS

What is this about

Modern search engines and natural language personal assistants use increasingly knowledge graphs to better understand and fulfil the information needs of their users. However, enhancing a search engine with domain knowledge, either engineered in-house or derived from external sources, is not a so straightforward task.

In this talk I describe 3 important pitfalls that knowledge-based search engine designers often fall into and suggest ways to avoid them:

  • P1: Not knowing or not describing the semantics of your knowledge graph accurately enough.
  • P2: Not using the right type and amount of knowledge for the task at hand.
  • P3: Not harvesting your domain knowledge from the right data or in the right way.

How can you attend

The talk will take place at Spui 25, on 23/2 at 16:00. The event is free of charge, you can RSVP at its website.

Presentation Slides

Slides of the presentation can be downloaded here

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