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Since 2006, I have been working at the intersection of data, semantics, and software, contributing in building intelligent systems that deliver value to business and society. Born and raised in Athens, Greece, I currently work as Head of Ontology at Textkernel, in Amsterdam, Netherlands, where I lead a team of Data Professionals in developing and delivering a large cross-lingual Knowledge Graph in the HR and Recruitment domain. Academically, I hold a PhD in Knowledge Engineering and Management from National Technical University of Athens, and I have published several papers at international conferences, journals and books.  I am a regular speaker and trainer in both academic and industry venues, striving to bridge the gap between academia and industry.

Semantic Modeling Book

A practical and pragmatic field guide for data practitioners that want to learn how semantic data modeling is applied in the real world.

Shows you what pitfalls to avoid and what dilemmas to break if you want to build and exploit high-quality and valuable taxonomies, ontologies, knowledge graphs and other types of semantic data models.

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Here you can find research papers I have published in academic conferences, as well as videos and slides from talks and tutorials  I have given to  academic and industrial events.

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